Waiting for the concert

IMG_20160328_144910980IMG_20160328_141321093IMG_20160328_125635758IMG_20160328_141218340Yes, it was a surprise, Bruce Springten in the Madison Square Garden just the day we were visiting it. We had arranged a guide tour in the stadium and from time to time we listened to the eco of the rehersal of his musicians. Once we arrived to the stands and watched the equipments of people preparing everything I was terribly bad because I knew that, perhaps, I had lost  the only opportunity in my life to watch The Boss in New York.




The thing is that you have to encourage your pupils imagination as much as possible.  Last summer, a friend of mine taught to me to make puppets with a balloon and leaves of diary papers that we had to cut in little squared pieces and glue with a paste made of flour. We passed an excellent evening talking about those things that speak two good  friends. The result of our handcrafts are the puppets below. In that moment, I had no idea about how these characters were going to grow  so I had to wait for they began to produce themselves. It did not occur till they came to my classroom and my pupils appropriated of them giving their names and personality. Now I know that they are Monzonita and Tamarit, Monzonita because of my town Monzon and Tamarit because of the village where I teach and the school is placed.

Through my pupils´thoughts I know a lot about them: they like  chocolate, football, chess,  ice-creams , … Their favourite place at school is the playground,  besides they do not like Maths or History but they like Music very much. And they have got a good sense of humor. I adore these two little puppets who are always very talkative and imaginative. I completely sure that they are really alive.



I appreciate to be original in some aspects with the idea of being creative. Neverthelesss is very difficult to manage, much more if you think in globalisation. Oh, heavens! being stupid today is worse because you are stupid in all the world! The truth is that everyone wants to imitate many behaviors that are showed  in movies. One of them is the surprised birthday party. I mean that one in which everyone is in a completely silent way and in an obscure room waiting for that the protagonist coming into to hurl “happy birthday” trying to speak louder than people around you with the will of moving emotions.

I was yesterday in one of these celebrations. The man was forty that certainly it is not to0 much but enough to take it seriously. In this case it was his girlfriend who had prepared all of it. After coming to the room and listening to us he was really socking and some seconds later he was completely mute and sparing;  in addition he has to blow out forty candles on a cake looking in flames. It would be better to put on only two  candles with the figures of a four and a zero.  Nevertheless, the worst is not getting older but the prejudice of other people to establish some rules depending on your age. What a boring!

navidad 2011 039


Searching for my muse this early morning, I looked for in my kitchen, in the cupboards, in my room, under my bed, in the bathroom between the towels, even in my pet´s net… but not a clue in everywhere. Then I switched the radio on and there it was: Chopin and his nocturnes. For some strange unknown relationship I thought in Jules Verne and his novel “Around The World In Eighty Days”. But what could be the cohesion between them I asked myself. Probably that they were contemporary, I agreed. Suddenly, I imagined Verne listened to Chopin in a concert in Paris entertaining with  the plot for his advetured story. Inmediatedly, I had a feeling of freedom thinking that my travel to NY is getting closer.



It is said that sooner or later everything puts in place, in case of the weather, here, in Spain it was difficult to believe till two days ago that we were still waiting for the winter with records above  18 ºC. At last, winter is here and this morning a cold frost covers cars and gardens in the street. In a guarded place like my garden plants only be and look sad like my “begoña de invierno”(bergenia crassifolia). I do not know what will happen with flourished trees like almonds or other species that were announced spring. It is really a catastrophe that trees and vegetables in general do not know exactly what to do.  Many people do not believe in the climate change but they are blind and dumb, sure.