Another Year Other Expectations

Well it is not always true. I have the same  expectations than the last year but I am a little different because of my living of one entire year. One of my expectations is to be better in everything. Time flows so quickly and I am in my future. When you are more than fifty you are in your future so you have to take the best of every day, trying to catch and squeeze the seconds until they disappear. I miss this blog and the sharing moments in The Commons. I wish more experiences like that to be with more people enthusiastic with the human being’s  feelings. I like speaking about tiny but special moments like a cup of coffee or when you drop it on your notes.  I know that it is too late, but happy year to everyone, anyway.img_20161025_170558861


Waiting for the concert

IMG_20160328_144910980IMG_20160328_141321093IMG_20160328_125635758IMG_20160328_141218340Yes, it was a surprise, Bruce Springten in the Madison Square Garden just the day we were visiting it. We had arranged a guide tour in the stadium and from time to time we listened to the eco of the rehersal of his musicians. Once we arrived to the stands and watched the equipments of people preparing everything I was terribly bad because I knew that, perhaps, I had lost  the only opportunity in my life to watch The Boss in New York.


The Instant

Sometimes you feel the need to take a picture of something that stands out in your eyes like if you watch it for the first time. You do not know why in that occasion you have to take a breath for  highlighting  what you are looking at. The thing is that when this occurs you feel better and completely full. IMG_20160304_190623192

A visual gift

I did not know why all is different when it snows till yesterday morning that was doing it copiously. Just in a second all was covering in white and the vision grew gradually as if I was watching through a magnifying glass. All was inmaculate and clean even my feelings that were there up in the air playing with the castle that looked like it came from heaven. It was spectacular.